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There is an increasing consensus that dairy is not all that good for you*, and a myriad of cheese lovers wondering what the hell to do about it. If you do wish to cut down on your dairy intake but still crave that cheesy hit, then you might like to start incorporating miso or nutritional yeast flakes in your diet. Both taste like cheese, are complete proteins and high in the B vitamins.


I made a nut cheese board using a combination of soaked cashews, macademia nuts, probiotic powder, nutritional yeast flakes, chickpea miso, pink himalayan salt and lemon juice to ferment a basic nut cheese. After that, it was down to some playful experimentation to create the final plate:

- Red Onion & Fresh Chives - this is plated as a 'smear' on the plate with the crackers standing to attention.

- Raw Wildflower Honey and Fresh Peach - this is inside the edible squash flowers on the plate.

- Date, Maple and Mesquite Powder - this is the central cheese on the plate, served with some fresh strawberries and sweet relish.

The nut cheeses are plated with a freshly-made spicy wild cherry relish, fresh fruit, homemade fennel crackers and crudite.

*Only 10% of the world's population can actually digest dairy. This is the people with naturally occuring lactase in their gut. Lactase is the living enzyme responsible for the complete digestion of the milk sugar lactase. Further to this, high levels of pasteurisation, growth hormones and antibiotics (the latter two are country specific) in commercial dairy produce make for worrying reading.


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