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about Victoria...

Victoria’s personal mission is to create a better food future for generations to come.  In doing so she works in an innovation capacity, to deliver positive change for start-ups, large corporates and private individuals alike within the food, wellness and sustainability sectors.  Key activities include:


• Strategic consultant for VC-backed food and wellness tech brands (e.g.) More Than Health, Chop'd

• Creative development for meal-kits, recipe books, branded products and food-to-go (e.g.) Sainsbury's, Lollipop, Nama, Plate Up

• Detox specialist for corporates, retreats and private individuals (e.g.) Le Cordon Bleu, Revitalise Retreats

•.Educational speaker and published writer (e.g.) Food Matters, Natural Health.


She has a 1st Class Degree in Environmental Economics (MA Honours), several professional food accreditations  (Le Cordon Bleu, Leith’s, Ballymaloe, MK Cuisine, Natural Gourmet Institute and the IIN) and 17 years commercial expertise.  She is deeply curious about anything and everything which improves the health of people or planet. Further details can be found here.



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