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It is my last day in Maine today so I am going to make the most of its best known export and go out with a blueberry bang. Ka-pow. This is my go-to breakfast most days and I love it. It is seriously healthy, nutritionally balanced* and keeps me full until lunchtime. It is also easy-peasy to make which is ideal at 7am (yawn, yawn, more time in bed please).

If you want to try it for yourself:

1) Pour approximately 2 cups of soy/almond milk and a generous teaspoon of vanilla essence into a pan. Heat. 2) After a minute, add a cup of rolled oats to the mixture and stir occasionally. 3) After 3 minutes, remove from heat and stir in a handful of chia seeds. 4) Serve in bowl. Top with a handful of hemp seeds and fresh blueberries.

Tip: If you can get your hands on some Garden of Eden unsweetened vanilla soy milk then fill your boots. It is brilliant with regards taste and health (no nasty additives, made with kombu, only organic soy beans). Please note that if you have thyroid issues you should avoid non-fermented soy eg. soymilk. In this case, unsweetened almond milk would be a better choice.

image 10.jpeg

*Contains wholegrains (unprocessed oats), plant-based protein (chia seeds, soy/almond milk), nut & seeds (chia seeds, hemp seeds), fibre (chia seeds and oats) and low-sugar, anti-oxidant rich fruit (blueberries).

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